About Our Services

Shredder Services certified professionals have over 20 years of experience working with Government organizations, Manufacturing industries and many more B2B and B2C organizations while also helping storage units with their full scale shredding needs.  

Shredder Services is a Bangalore based Shredding products and services company started to provide the best in the industry Shredder, Laminator and Binder equipment to meet all your business needs.  We also offer rental and total end to end solutions to help shred the papers.

Shredder Services is your one stop solution for all your shredding needs

Why Shred the Documents?

  • It is the law. Government mandates all the confidential documents are shred the right way
  •  Protect yourself from identity theft
  •  Shredding saves you a lot more time when compared to just manually tearing the sheets.
  •  Protect the environment with green recycling
  •  Save space from your storage. 
  • Avoid illegal ways of disposing paper that include digging and burying papers, dumping papers in lakes/water bodies, etc.

Mission and Vision


Provide best in the industry safe and secured shredding products and services to all businesses.



To be the industry leader in providing end to end shredding solution for all the organizations ranging from Government, IT Corporate, Manufacturing companies and many more in Bangalore.